Erased from KY History Campaign

I was contacted by a writer for Forward Kentucky after Senate Bill 138 passed.

Here’s what I wrote:

“The line has been drawn. Anyone can easily research the genesis and intentions of this legislation and the history of white supremacy, bigotry and genocide behind it, to realize this is what some (mostly white, male) lawmakers are trying to cover up. People who continue to support SB138 and other legislation like it have shown us which side of the line they are on. History will not remember them kindly. They are traitors to our country and to the people whose backs it was built on. 
There is another insurrection taking place, this time in the Kentucky legislature. It’s an inside job, and they’re doing it “by the books.” Because they can’t win fairly, they have to cheat, so they are rewriting the laws and suppressing votes and gerrymandering districts simply because they have the power to do so. There’s even talk of changing the Kentucky Constitution, because there are still some things it won’t let them get away with. We need national attention on the KY General Assembly before it’s too late, because when Kentucky (the home of Mitch McConnell) falls, we all fall. All eyes on Kentucky.” 
My comments were not published, but instead quotes from two other groups that had not worked as hard or as tirelessly as we did were. In fact, the other two groups have had a history of white fragility and racism, bailing on the work when it became hard or when those most impacted wanted to keep going. Our group’s contribution was left off completely.
I can no longer find the article on the website.