Kish Cumi Price

2020-12-04 | Dr. Price is interviewed for a news article on student assignment

‘How do we start over?’

Kish Cumi Price is education policy director for the Louisville Urban League. She’s also a Black parent who lives in the West End, and based on the district’s current track record, she’s not convinced the proposal in its current form can work.

“If you haven’t seen a successful model of a school that’s properly resourced that serves students who are primarily Black and brown and/or high poverty then, how can you trust that that will be the case with this new plan?” she said.

Price says JCPS needs to think about bigger, bolder changes to address root causes of problems serving low-income students, Black students and other students of color. 

“How do we start over, and make this better?” she said.

And now in the midst of a racial justice movement and a pandemic, Price said, it’s the perfect time to make big changes.

“I think it is possible. I think it is the time, and I think we need to do that work,” she said.

~ Courier Journal, Diversity Or Choice: Pollio Says JCPS Has A Decision To Make, 12/4/2020

2022-10-14 | Louisville Urban League names Dr. Kish Cumi Price as new president and CEO


2023-03-20 | Lyndon Pryor is named the interim President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League

Pryor was the Chief Engagement Officer for LUL and helped manage communication for the organization and spearheaded special projects such as “A Path Forward for Louisville.”

He joined the Louisville Urban League in 2015 and, according to the release he created and led the League’s community health program, established policy positions, data systems and infrastructure support for the League.

Courier Journal – Louisville Urban League names new president 

On 5/19/23, news broke that Dr. Price had filed a lawsuit:

Former Louisville Urban League president claims retaliation in lawsuit over firing

On 6/14/23, Urban League counters:

Urban League asks judge to toss lawsuit; says no proof to financial misconduct claims made by former president

Louisville Urban League asks judge to dismiss lawsuit