Parent Advocates for Duan Wright, Hartstern Principal

“I remember before he was principal, Mrs. C pulled a kid to the office by his ear! She kept her job!”

Mrs. C was the principal before Mr. Wright. He became her assistant principal.

“Mrs. C was retiring and there was going to be a [SBDM] vote for principal. We were all so excited when they decided to make him principal.”

“I was so busy the beginning of September, I’m clueless to the outside world. Then, we all got COVID. I had no clue what was going on. When I got the email, I asked my 10 year old. She was like, I have no idea, but there’s rumors saying he retired. I was like, “That’s nonsense. Firstly, he would never retire at the start of the school year, he just wouldn’t. He loves the kids too much! And secondly, he’s not allowed to retire until you pass to middle school!” lol “

“So I sent him this FB message thinking someone in his family died or something and he had to do a family emergency leave. He never replied and then I saw the post in the [Dear JCPS Facebook] group and realized he isn’t allowed to reply because he can’t have any contact with parents, students, nor staff.”

“Besides emailing Pollio and Ms. Hartstern, and bringing it up every time I post in the group, I had no idea what to do. Mr. Wright has been influential to all three of my kids, the eldest being 22. I know we don’t completely know anyone, but as I keep saying, this does not sound like Mr. Wright. Yes, something possibly happened, but it was probably blown way out of proportion. Mr. Wright, and a handful of JCPS educators, are the biggest reason we’re still at JCPS.”

Email sent to district leaders by parent:

Dear Ms. Hartstern, I sent this to Dr. Pollio and have not received a reply. I know he can not comment on the situation, but I at least expected to hear something. My daughter asks about Mr. Wright coming back all the time. She has known him since she was a baby, due to her older siblings also attending Hartstern. Mr. Wright, and a handful of other JCPS educators are the biggest reason we’re still in the JCPS school district. I don’t like lying to my kids, knowingly, or not. Is Mr. Wright coming back like your email and the now deleted correspondence from Hartstern made it seem? I know we’re not the only family that wants him back leading the school. Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays.

Date: November 2, 2022 at 7:14:47 PM EDT


Subject: Please Reinstate Mr. Duan Wright Hartstern Elem.

Dear Dr. Pollio, Good evening! I hope this email finds you well! My name is Julia Fox. My youngest child attends Hartstern Elementary. My eldest two children also went there from Pre-K on. I am writing to you in regard to the allegations against Mr. Wright. My family has known Mr. Wright since he first came to Hartstern as assistant principal to Mrs. Cox. Mr. Wright has known our youngest since she was a newborn. At this point, he is basically an extension of our family. He (and current and former staff) are the whole reason our youngest is at Hartstern. I am writing to you in the hopes of getting Mr. Wright reinstated back at the helm of Hartstern; where he rightfully belongs, until the day he decides to move on. I understand that an investigation needs to be conducted. I also understand that these things take time. However, I think one would want to hear from parents and students, (current and former) about all the good Mr. Wright has done for them and for Hartstern. Mr. Wright saved our son from failing a subject in middle school. He had a project due and his teacher gave him his project on a USB flash drive, only the project wasn’t on the drive. Mr. Wright allowed our son to use the Hartstern library to finish and pass his project. Mr. Wright is a true leader and cares for ALL his children, past and present alike. When our middle child was in high school, Mr. Wright inspired her to be more proactive in her education, to the point where she is considering changing her major to Art Education to work with Mr. Wright at Hartstern. Our youngest wanted to raise money for Australia during the wildfires. She wasn’t sure how to go about it. Mr. Wright helped her, encouraged her, and was about to let her hold a fundraiser at the school when COVID sent the world upside down. Mr. Wright is always present for the kids, you can always find him at extracurricular activities. Mr. Wright IS the H(e)art of Hartstern! Thank you for all you do for JCPS. I am not sure if this is even needed, or if it’s too late, but I felt that Mr. Wright needed someone on his side. I didn’t know what else to do, so I went this route.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.