Nominate Ivonne Rivera
Ivonne understands the needs of our community which is essential to effectively reaching and teaching all students. She is not shy about standing on the right side of history. She is a fierce advocate for our students, and I trust her to represent me with the BSK committee.
I have seen Ivonne use every tool in her disposal to ensure that any candidate she backs is well vetted. Her decisions are sound and rest in ensure we elect candidates that are not just allies but are ethical in their approach to leadership. We need voices on the BSK who are willing to speak up and not just go with the status quo.
As a former JCTA member of 5 years & a Special Educator of 8 years, I have witnessed Ivonne’s genuine passion for the education of our children & the well-being of our educators. If we truly care about Better Schools for Kentucky, Ivonne should undoubtedly be given a seat on BSK’s Endorsement Committee!
Jcta members should have a say in who is endorsed by the organization to avoid inappropriate endorsements.
Absolutely LOVES kids and is the most driven woman I know.
I have been very disappointed in JCTA over the years. Make me want to rejoin! Nominate Ivonne Rovira to BSK.
I support a change in leadership. I do not agree with the endorsements JCTA has made.
I’m ashamed that Jason N is even affiliated with teachers at this point.
I am a public school parent and was appalled to discover that JCTA endorsed Jason Nemes. JCTA members deserve better representation.
How dare you endorse someone that openly petitioned against an increase in our revenue?!!!!
I support this 100%
I am very disturbed that JCTA, in light of the corrupt actions and support of charter schools, would continue to endorse Nemes. It would appear that BSK needs change.
Absolutely LOVES kids and is the most driven woman I know.
You have my vote!
Thanks for your leadership!
Ivonne is a passionate person and amazing teacher who is always working her hardest to help everyone get fair treatment and the best education.
I’m signing your petition!
Please stop endorsing racists
Please nominate Ivonne Rovira to BSK
Inclusion is Key
Not a fan of Nemes. Also, I think if you are interested in the position enough to advocate for yourself to be on the decision making entity then go for it.
At 6:00 PM on Nov. 10, JCTA sent the following message to JCTA members via their JCPS email address: