DOJ Tips – Introduction

On April 21, 2021, the world breathed a sign of relief when we learned the guilty fate of the cop who murdered George Floyd in broad daylight in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That same day, Obama’s denied pick for Supreme Court justice, US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the Department of Justice will be conducting a Pattern or Practice investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department. 

On April 26, 2021, another pattern or practice investigation was announced. This time involving Louisville’s police department. YES! Could this be the break we’ve been looking for?

On June 7, 2021, I had about an hour-long conversation with Jessica Malloy. Jessica is the Assistant United States Attorney, Western District of Kentucky. She is based in Louisville.

On June 16, 2021, I sent the following email to the DOJ email address provided by the media, at Jessica’s request. 

I run a public education stakeholder advocacy group in Louisville, and our blog and Facebook pages (founded in 2015) are intended to expose corruption, hold local leaders accountable, and protect the whistleblowers as much as possible. As such, people often send me tips and confessions, and many times I’m not sure what to do with this information. In addition, I’ve been a first-hand witness and even a victim to many cases of fraud, racketeering, corruption, self-dealing and other unethical behaviors that remain unaddressed, so I will also try to share as many of these patterns or practices as I can with you. Some of these examples have ties to LMPD, but many don’t directly. However, between having LMPD officers in our schools, along with a mayor, metro council, local unions, lawmakers, family members and other key players, especially where large budgets are involved (JCPS budget is considerably larger than LMPD and Metro Government), our city experiences a lot of overlap, from good-old-boy back scratching, back room deals, quid pro quo, and fingers in each others’ pies, to simply turning a blind eye to the structural racism and oppression and violence against our most marginalized community members.
I have started compiling a web page with some of these items (it’s just easier for me than attaching them in an email without timelines, flow and context). I will continue to add items to this page, as additional time and content become available. However, I don’t want my efforts to provide you with an exhaustive list to prevent you from having access to what I am able to put together right away. The web page format will allow me to create a living history while avoiding too many piece-meal, interrupted stories. It will also allow me to provide footnotes and interactive links to more information, to more readily connect the dots to some of the players, along with their involvement and interests/agendas.
I have been speaking with Jessica Malloy and she asked me to send these items to you, as well.
Gay Adelmann
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