James “Jamie” Miller

Was his whole life a scam? Or just part of it? Which parts? When?

Here is a timeline of events we are piecing together now:

This is my earliest recollection of him and his then-wife taking matters into their own hands when an anti-semitic speaker addressed their journalism students while on a field trip.

2014 – Louisville teachers win journalism award

There was a report of a traffic accident the teachers and students got involved in while they were on a field trip in New York State. I’m waiting for results of an open records request, but it was apparently a very big deal because they did not have the parents’ permisssion to take the students out of state.

When then-Manual principal and former coach, Jerry Mayes, found himself embroiled in controversy following a leaked audio tape of him being awful, James showed discomfort in aiding in the efforts to expose and hold the embattled leader accountable. It was attributed to fear of losing his job, which of course, was met with frustration by those who faced these attitudes were losing their lives, but grace was granted and other means to rid the school of toxins were employed, somewhat painfully and unsuccessfully.

When a Manual Mom brought forth her concerns of “class D felonies” being committed on campus by Manual students and responsible, mandatory reporters were looking away, she brought those concerns to Dear JCPS. We presented them to Dr. Pollio in December of 2019, to the JCPS School Board in January of 2020 and to James Miller in the hopes the J&C department would do a story on these harmful behaviors committed by adults in charge, but more importantly, HANDLE IT FROM WITHIN! It does not appear that happened, because when you google Manual High School now, the articles are NOTHING BUT sexual abuse and scandals. 

And ya’ll were worried WE were gonna make Manual look bad!

From this recent story, 

After Two Decades Undercover, She’s Ready to Tell the Real Story of Human Trafficking

we are provided with a glimpse of the 

“darkest underbelly of fetish chat groups…”

[Undercover] Agents were told that they would need to come up with a “persona” and a “story,” and that they would likely have to provide images of children to “prove” they had a minor on offer.
They were also told that they could use images of their own children, if they were comfortable doing so (the FBI no longer endorses this policy).” 
Could Miller have befriended the mom so he could get close to her daughter?
Could he have taken the videos that were found on his phone as a means to infiltrate fettish groups?
Why did he only have to serve three months into a three year sentence?