Sample Opt Out Letter #2 (Mental Health)

I ____________am choosing to exclude my child, ___________ , from KPREP for mental health reasons. I would like to request instead that my student continue to receive an education that centers social emotional learning. He/she has been traumatized by the events of the past year. Asking her/him to participate in a summative assessment given the trials of the pandemic restrictions, inequitable access to technology/support, and the horrific events of racial injustice is a decision that not only seems unnecessary but culturally tone-deaf as well. 

Healing needs to be the focus of any return to school scenario in JCPS. Dedicating nearly half of the in-person learning days to a standardized state test for our hybrid middle and high school students shows no appreciation whatsoever for the challenge distance learning has been for so many. What does the district intend to gain or interpret from the collection of this data? 

Again, I am choosing to exclude my child from the state test.