Speakers Signed Up for August 17, 2021 Meeting

Subject: List of Speakers for JCBE Meeting

1.Mike Beard

AGENDA ITEM: IX.B. A New Way Forward – Update Regarding the Start of 2021-22 School Year

1.Kurt Wallace
2.Lance Pearson

AGENDA ITEM: IX.A. Report Regarding Implementation of the Racial Equity Policy and  Revisions to the Racial Equity Plan

1.Tyra Walker
2.Ben Johnson
3.Terrence Sullivan
4.Kumar Rashad
5.Sadiqa Reynolds
6.Daryl Unseld
7.Raoul Cunningham
8.Gay AdelmannDid not speak
9.Faye Owens
10.Shelley Thomas
11.Dave Christopher
12Brandon Riddle
13Miquela Moneypenny
14Dave Owens 
15.Bruce Williams
16.Ricky Jones
17.Pastor Milton Seymore
18.Beanie Geoghegan
19.David Snardon
20.Frank G. SimonDid not speak
21. Ruth Ann Shumate-ReedChild Abuse
22.Diana Starr
23.Timothy Findley
24.Sienna Newman – 15th District PTA
25.Pastor Milton Seymore
26. Matt ?????


1.Jim JohnsonTeaching African American and Native American History in Public Schools
2.Trenton Schroering The overhaul of the grading system
3.Karen LukasikOnline Teaching
4.Chuck EddyThank you for mask mandate
5.Amanda MillsSchool Safety/Communications
6.Mark Stallard   ???