What they’re not telling you (on purpose):

Below is information that was on a flyer J4TP volunteers handed out on June 6-7, 2024 at the following events: Christ Temple Church Transportation Event, “The Bishop’s Table,” hosted by Bishop Lyons, and the Molina/Passport/JCPS Joint Initiative Press Event. The Black & West End Communities are being lied to about their transportation options, and the entire City and State is not being informed about the court challenge against the Democratic Primary for US Congress. Morgan McGarvey has been accused of being the benefactor of a “rigged” election. Several other parties have come forward to share their own experiences of similar treatment, and organizers and voters in the community are also fully aware that Black candidates, such as Attica Scott and Charles Booker, were snuffed out in their Primaries (Attica at least twice) due to these patterns and practices of unethical and illegal behaviors. Judge Tracy Davis is presiding over these motions, and more information about the lawsuit can be found below and on Facebook


It has come to our attention that several of the white people attending and presenting information at the Bishop’s Table every Friday morning, appear to be withholding information or intentionally spreading disinformation in order to usher the return to the “neighborhood schools.” For example, there are at least two or three other groups offering solutions but they will not allow us to make announcements along these lines. Some of the individuals allowed to speak as long as they wanted at the May 31, 2024 meeting, such as AROS Chair, Chris Harmer and politician Bill Devore, have been known to have ties to SPLC-recognized hate groups and opportunists, such as well-known anti-LGBTQ crusader Frank Simon, Kentucky Family Values, and other groups looking to strip even more labor and resources from our community by means of taking tax dollars intended for our public school children. If “ending busing” and returning Black, Brown and poor kids to “neighborhood schools” was our elected and appointed leaders’ plan all along (and it would appear that it was), we don’t even want to think about what’s next. 


Speaking of predators, Manual High School and JCPS’s Leadership have been caught turning a blind eye to possible sexual assault, and even sex and drug trafficking of students while in the care of the taxpayer-funded employees. Biased investigations, secret settlements and reports of intimidation of victims and witnesses have cultivated an environment not unlike reports of West Palm Beach High School where Jeffrey Epstein was a teacher before becoming a “CIA Asset.” Why won’t they at least investigate? After all, the school’s Journalism Department Chair, the high school football coach, and the security administrator, are just a few of the recent scandals that involve allegations of sexual assault and exploitation. However, there are reports going back to at least 2019, as submitted with the January 14, 2020 Board Meeting official minutes and as recently as presented by Barbie Topia, the final speaker during the public comments section of the May 28, 2024 JCPS board meeting, below.


Our organization recently became aware that sitting US Congressman Morgan McGarvey’s “bona fide” status during the most recent Democratic primary election has been challenged in court. If May 17 Primary results are tossed out, the incumbent would be disqualified, and a new Democratic primary election will be held between the other two non-incumbent candidates. The judge’s decision could come as soon as June 18, 2024. If this happens, an entirely different (less corrupt) political landscape could come about as a result. If indeed, the party was caught violating state statute, this could lead to massive unraveling of many other possibly tampered-with elections. We also caught them and media trying to make this go away. Really? Why aren’t the Republicans all over this? Maybe because they’re also in on it?

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Project 2025

The dangerous agenda behind Project 2025 is lurking and this November’s election is DO OR DIE, quite literally. In order to slow or stop power grabbing oligarchs from taking control of this great nation’s labor and resources for their own personal gain – not unlike the unthinkable and unimaginable tolls the Bible tells us existed before Moses led the slaves out of Egypt – we must make sure the People show up to vote this November and #StopProject2025InKY.


We have a Plan! First, let’s spice up the November ballot!


Our broken two-party system is on life support. Why settle for the “lesser of two evils” for President this November, when we could “call a Doctor?” That’s right! We are looking for volunteers to help get a strong, well-known, Black Independent candidate onto the Presidential Ballot for this November’s Election. Academcian, educator and political pundit, Dr. Cornel West has already stepped up to the plate, and Kentucky voters have an opportunity to push him over the top by making sure he has enough signatures by the early September deadline. But we still have work to do in order to make this happen, and volunteers are welcome. If you are interested in joining forces with our team, please visit Shaun or Bri at the Nia Center for the required paperwork and onboarding information or contact moderator@thepeoplesagenda.net.

The deadline to collect 5,000 signatures is noon, September 5. Please drop sheets at the Nia Center as you complete them.

KY House and Senate

There will be a House Race and possibly a Senate Race on your ballot in addition to President. At least one Independent candidate for KY State House has made stopping the two Constitutional Amendments and Project 2025 part of her platform. A full list of endorsed candidates will be available on the PAC’s website later this Summer.


There are two Constitutional Amendments on this November’s ballot. Both are bad. Teachers and parents protested in Frankfort and here in the streets. We told them no at every level, but they keep moving forward anyway. They lost in the Kentucky Supreme Court for being unconstitutional, so now they are trying to CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION so they can siphon away our tax dollars, labor and resources for their own gain. We’ve told them no 1000 times, but this time will make it permanent and irrevocable – regardless which way it goes. Please vote No.

Keep a close eye on the school board races.

The filing deadline just passed earlier this week, so it’s too soon to guess which of the candidates are truly looking out for our most vulnerable, and which ones want to prey on them.

For more information about how to join the team, where to donate, and to sign up to receive a listing of the PAC’s endorsed list of candidates later this Summer, please visit www.ThePeoplesAgenda.net.