Woodcock’s Threats to Maintenance Workers

We recently received the results of an open records request that contained investigations into one of the employees in the maintenance department who had been reported as making threats and inappropriate comments to his coworkers.

The second investigation contained an email from one of the employees who had captured six audio recordings of his coworker. We requested copies of those recordings and are making them available to the public here:

To coincide with the email exhibit, the dates reflect when they were emailed to the district’s chief investigator, not the date they were recorded.

From the second investigation, some of the recordings contain Woodcock making statements such as:

– “They better hope I don’t find out who is talking. If I find out, I’m going to meet them after work and beat their a*s.”
– “There’s a snitch in here. If I find out who it is, I’m gonna beat the breaks off them. I’ll catch them outside of work, and I’m gonna beat the breaks off them.”

A more detailed account of the lawsuit, timeline of events, personnel files and more can be found here:

Maintenance Workers’ Lawsuit