2020 Endorsements

(Louisville, KY) – Oct. 12, 2020

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

Dear JCPS is pleased to make the following endorsements in the 2020 election cycle:

Jody Hurt
District 2 (Highlands & Crescent Hill Areas)


Sarah McIntosh
District 7 (formerly Chris Brady’s District)



To order a VOTE YES sign for your yard, visit www.ILoveJCPS.com.


  • Property tax is “progressive” meaning it will take more money from wealthier households and distribute it more equitably than other forms of taxation or funding.
  • Jefferson County is severely and historically undertaxed relative to neighboring as well as similarly-sized urban districts. Our facilities needs are urgent. The tax levy is necessary to raise the “bonding capacity” so schools can be built and renovated more quickly.
  • The district’s superintendent has admitted the current student assignment plan is structurally racist. Changes cannot happen in an equitable fashion without the tax increase going through.   
  • While it is true there is waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars, we should not withhold funding for our indigent and vulnerable children because of poor leadership of prior (or future) administrations. Instead, we must hold those who are not good stewards of our trust and our tax dollars accountable, by supporting and funding grassroots organizations and watchdog groups like the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and Dear JCPS.

This endorsement is not to be confused with the Coalition for the People’s Agenda, which is a decision-making council of grassroots stakeholders calling for district leaders to #EARNthePeoplesVote. Under the leadership of Anne Braden and others in 2002, the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression formed the Coalition in an effort to minimize the impact the city/county merger would have on marginalized communities. Last year, a revival of the Coalition for the People’s Agenda was led by interim chair, Denita Wright. This year, the Alliance Education committee voted to include oversight of Jefferson County Public Schools, in addition to Metro Government, in their plans.

The Alliance’s Education Committee met for several weeks during August and September and dozens of grassroots organizations and community stakeholders participated in refining a list of reasonable demands, which were presented to district leadership on Sept. 23. Those demands are best summarized with the “EARN” acronym:

The Coalition’s decision-making council was originally expected to announce their decision on October 11. However, developing information has caused the Coalition to postpone their decision date. Should the Coalition decide to vote in support of the tax increase, an announcement will be made at the following Kentucky Alliance Press Conference, held Sundays at 10 am at the Carl Braden Memorial Center at 3208 West Broadway.

About the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression:

About Dear JCPS:

Dear JCPS is a volunteer-run grassroots stakeholder advocacy group, demanding accountability and transparency from district leaders since 2015. Founded by Gay Adelmann and Erin Korbylo, following a series of racial injustices at the Academy @ Shawnee and elsewhere in the district, the group has been instrumental in providing a protected voice for some of our district’s most vulnerable populations including students, parents and teachers. In 2016, our group endorsed board candidates that vowed to hold the superintendent accountable and in 2017, we spearheaded a rally calling for her to step down, which she did. Our group has been involved in successfully fending off many other predatory attacks, including a state takeover of our district, charter schools and vouchers, and removing ineffective and predatory public servants up and down the ballot. With the current political climate and movement for Black lives, and Breonna Taylor, a JCPS graduate, at the forefront of this movement, the 2020 election is no exception. Representatives from Dear JCPS speak frequently at board meetings, rallies and press conferences about current injustices and opportunities for change. Media inquiries or to submit additional questions, please email moderator@dearjcps.com.

Dear JCPS, LLC is a 501(c)4. Donations may be used to fund independent campaign expenditures and are, therefore, not tax deductible.