EARN the People’s Vote!

Representatives from Black-led and Black-allied grassroots organizations in Jefferson County have been meeting for the past several months to create an organizational structure and refine a list of demands to present to JCPS Leadership ahead of the November 3 vote. These four reasonable demands to “EARN” the People’s vote are:

Evaluation of the current Student Assignment Plan in its entirety.
Anti-racist budget (national divest/invest conversation)
Resolution to Support the Coalition for the People’s Agenda
No wholesale return to in-person schooling until its safe

On Wednesday, September 23, our Coalition finally had our first opportunity to share these concerns with Dr. Pollio since July 16

The “EARN the People’s Vote” Council is a majority-Black Coalition consisting of outspoken community leaders representing a broad array of allied grassroots voices. These leaders will vote “yes” or “no” on or before decision day on October 11 whether to support or oppose the proposed JCPS tax increase on the November 3 ballot. Their message will be conveyed across the community through a strategic grassroots marketing campaign. In addition, the Coalition’s PAC will be focused on the two contested school board races, as well as several local and state races on the November 3 ballot.

Below are the members of the Council:

Latasha Harrison, Louisville PTO President/Founder
De’Nita Wright, Facilitator Coalition of West Louisville Neighborhood Associations, Former Interim Chairperson of Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Gay Adelmann, Dear JCPS, Save Our Schools Kentucky, Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Board Member
Rhonda Mathies, Former Chairperson of Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Bob Cunningham, Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Co-founder
Matt Taylor, Incorporate West Louisville
Olivia Bohler, Student at Manual, Red Eye Reporter
Jumanah Hightower, Student at Southern, BSU Member
Ivonne Rovira, JCPS Leads, Kentucky Educators United, JCPS Teacher
Heather Profitt, Advocate, Education Hub Non-profit
Chris Thieneman, Support the Libraries, Not the Tax Chair (2007), Mayoral Candidate (2018)
Chris Tobe, Author, Kentucky Fried Pensions, JCPS Parent
Leigh Ann Yost, Advocate, JCPS Parent

Additional Council members may be nominated and approved upon 2/3 vote from existing Council members, in increments of two, in order to maintain an odd number, until a maximum of up to 19 Council members has been met. Council members may be removed or replaced also upon 2/3 vote. In order to maintain the desired racial makeup, no more than half of the Council members may be white or white presenting at any given time.

Donations to support the coalition’s tax increase campaign can be made to Dear JCPS, LLC. The Coalition’s PAC, Kentuckians for Real Options, is also accepting donations. The Council will also continue to demand accountability and transparency from district leaders after the ballot measure passes.