Sarah Weedman

slllllAppointed to EPSB Board by JCTA. EPSB Board plays a role in determining innocence or guilt of colleagues who have had an investigation escalated to the state level. One of the individuals who has had to go before this board is Dr. Kimberly Mucker Johnson.

Below is her personnel file:

Sarah Weedman file

She once put on a stellar performance where she pretended to seek the endorsement from our coalition only to run back and share our trade secrets with her cult leaders, allowing them to twist our democratic gestures into something only they, themselves could contrive:

Weedman and Friends

Look how racist they are!

Later that same year, Sarah was rewarded with a transfer from a teaching position at one of JCPS’ more challenging elementary schools to one of four specially created “deeper learning resource teacher” positions controlled by union leadership on taxpayer dimes. These “teaching” positions, which were created in some kind of back room deal made public during two contentious and scandalous JCPS Board meetings in 2017, are protected by MOU from actually having to report to cover a classroom when a teacher is needed, but instead appear to be where the back room deals and union politics really take place, not on behalf of their members, but on behalf of themselves. These are corporate shills who do not represent their members, but instead are whores for the bougeouis elite who will kiss you while they screw you just to make sure they have a seat at every table and an invitation to every Derby-worthy festivity. Please recognize that it is these self-dealers and grifters who are ruining your union. And it would appear they’ve stolen yet another election from the members.

Contact with any questions or concerns for the election challenge team.

Here Weedman is named in a complaint filed with a law firm.