Charter Schools


  • SBDMs should remain an equal participant in all public schools, including public charter schools.
  • Parental involvement barriers and requirements should not be permitted to impact a student’s ability to apply or participate in public charter schools. (Contrary to KBE platform.)
  • Public schools should not have the ability to “counsel out” students based on performance, behavior or need.
  • Inclusive (high needs, high cost students, transgender)
  • Apples to apples (measurement, enrollment process, requirements, barriers)
  • Funding – not take funds from existing, already struggling schools
  • Refund funds back to schools if students move back
  • Colocation
  • All public schools, including public charter schools, should remain under the control of the taxpaying community via elected, local board members.
  • Better schools for ALL – Demonstrated, research based, correlated to the problem we are trying to solve. (Safe schools example.)
  • Prohibit closing or converting neighborhood schools simply because they are low performing. Schools need latitude to serve special needs, at risk, high poverty populations, etc without being held to same standards as a schools that pick their populations and living in fear of state takeover or closing.
  • Any latitude (class sizes, accountability, student assignment, etc.) given to public charter schools should be given to public schools as well.
  • Burden of proof on charter school proponents. HOW will more SCHOOL CHOICE fix the problems that our existing district of choice and schools of innovation does not? We need more funding not less. We need collaboration, not competition.