How To Get Involved

Dear JCPS is always looking for volunteers, leaders, partners, speakers, committee chairs and subject matter experts. See examples below of ways you can get involved.


Co-Founder, Executive Director – Gay Adelmann
Co-Founder, Chair of the Board – Erin Masterson Korbylo
VP Development/Special Projects – Brandon Hobbs
VP Membership and Partnerships – Latasha Harrison
VP Chief Data Scientist- William Komp
Secretary – Tiffany Smith
Treasurer – Angela Claiborne

Photographer – Kassi Earle Clifford
Historian – Kim D’Annunzio
Website – Izaak Prats
Research – Chanda Powell
Diversity – Bre Hogue
Student Voice – Peyton Adelmann
Teacher Voice – Susan McClain

Membership: This group consists of approximately 5,000 followers on our public Facebook page, 1,500 participants in our private facebook group, 1,200 Twitter followers and 2,000 subscribers to our emails. Many of these members have also participated in an “action,” such as spoken at a board meeting, contacted a board member or legislator or signed a petition.

The DearJCPS Army of “Par-ANTS.” Currently being formed. This group of up to 100 organizers agree to our vision statement and commit to a minimum level of involvement, including signing a letter of commitment and participate in an interview. Organizers are also asked to make a $10 donation to purchase “organizer kit.” More information is available here: Become an Organizer.

Board Positions:

Board members are asked to attend and speak regularly at JCPS board meetings. All board members are willing to speak on camera, moderate and post on the social media channels and serve as a unified voice for the organization.

President – Overall understanding of mission, history, all positions serving under him/her so that they can direct and assist VPs with their tasks, and also step in as needed. Lead meetings and programming. Review all communications and paperwork prior to distribution.

VP – Development – File and maintain 501c3 paperwork, conduct fundraisers, oversee treasurer, locate and apply for grant funding.

VP – Membership and Partnerships – Keep an updated list of all levels of members and partners, and seek to add more. Membership levels include Supporting Members, Board Member Reps, School Liaisons, Teacher/Behind the Scenes Members, and Stealth Members. Update membership lists on website and in email service. Add new members to groups on Social Media. Keep track of who posts about what and what their experiences are for purpose of sharing with the Committee VP. Keep track of content of posts for sharing with board and escalate when necessary.

VP – Media Relations – Develop relationships with media, speak on camera about issues, emcee rallies, oversee social media volunteers and posts, send emails, press releases.

VP – Committees and SMEs – Coordinate all of our volunteers that are directing standing or ad hoc committees, make sure we have someone designated to serve as subject matter expert on all of our key issues.

VP – Compliance – make sure we stay true to mission statement, make sure teachers info is not posted publicly, respond/redirect social media posts that stray from our vision. Oversee secretary roles.

Secretary – take minutes, serve as parliamentarian, file paperwork, determine and secure meeting locations and times, send invitation, confirm attendance, take roll, send minutes to board for review prior to next meeting, keep calendar, send reminders

Treasurer – look into and conduct fundraisers, gofundme campaigns, grant writing, non-profit applications, find and work with accountant/lawyers to get donated services


  • High Stakes Testing / Opt Out – Tiffany Dunn
  • Charter School Legislation – Rob
  • Legislative Agenda
  • Planning Calendar – What’s on the horizon
  • Student Assignment – Buffy Sexton/JC Campbell
  • Magnets
  • Budget
  • Teachers/Internal Issues – Susan McClain
  • Testing Metrics – KPREP, Novice to Distinguished formula, Locked vs. unlocked, other portfolio values