What They’re Not Telling You.

JCTA officer elections quietly come around every three years. Tomorrow will kick off the next triennial 8-day popularity contest. Their long-standing President, Brent McKim, has a Black female challenger. Incumbent Vice President, Tammy Berlin, seeking her third term, has a Black male challenger. The Treasurer slot is being sought by a vocal critic of McKim’s… Continue reading What They’re Not Telling You.

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Teachers Pension’s Swan Song

KY House Bill 5 - fast tracked through the Kentucky House and Senate with little fanfare earlier this month - is an ALEC-styled bill that will prohibit Kentucky's governor from reorganizing boards and commissions. It was vetoed by Governor Beshear last week, while the legislature is in recess. His veto is expected to be overturned… Continue reading Teachers Pension’s Swan Song


Botched BSK Election

The recent election for Better Schools Kentucky, a political action committee within the teacher's union, which endorses candidates and directs member dues money to candidates for key legislative and school board seats, uncovered numerous anomalies and programming concerns with the union's antiquated electronic ballot system. Candidates asking too many questions created an avalanche of more… Continue reading Botched BSK Election

Safe Return to School

Could You Make A List?

Illustration for Dramatic purposes:   Let’s say there’s a school district somewhere that has approximately 18,000 employees and 95,000 students.    Now, let’s imagine if everyone in that district caught COVID-19.   Since we know approximately 1 in every 50 people who catches COVID dies, that would mean somewhere around 360 employees and 1,900 students… Continue reading Could You Make A List?

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Re: Student Assignment Plan Proposal

This message was sent via email to Board Member James Craig on Dec. 1, 2020, ahead of the Work Session on the Student Assignment Plan proposal discussion. Good evening, James, I wanted to reach out as your constituent, first to congratulate you on the tremendous strides toward equity and racial justice that the district is… Continue reading Re: Student Assignment Plan Proposal

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Timeline of Recent Events

The public has been denied the opportunity to speak at JCPS board meetings since COVID forced all public meetings to be held virtually in March. On July 16, Gay Adelmann and Tyra Walker met with Dr. Pollio over Zoom, to make him aware that a handful of powerful players were continuing to derail grassroots groups'… Continue reading Timeline of Recent Events

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Daquan’s First Weapons Charge

A true story about microaggressions, racism and feeding the pipeline to prison in JCPS. "Dear JCPS, Before I start to disclose the contents of the topic of this letter, I want to state that everything in this letter is a FACT!  Not some hypothetical situation.  Not some situation that happened somewhere else in America (although… Continue reading Daquan’s First Weapons Charge

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Dear JCPS Severs Ties with AROS

When efforts to reconcile differences over support of West End and Black families continued to break down, Dear JCPS was left with no other option than to withdraw from the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, Louisville. Full story. "Instead, Dear JCPS is honored to be working with the Kentucky Alliance Education Committee on their revival… Continue reading Dear JCPS Severs Ties with AROS

EARN the People's Vote

JCPS Education Advocates Hold Virtual Teacher Forums

BY ASHLEIGH MILLS (SPECTRUM NEWS) KENTUCKY PUBLISHED 11:00 PM ET AUG. 10, 2020 LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Education advocacy groups in Jefferson County are meeting behind the scenes with teachers to gather input while crafting a growing list of safety demands for Jefferson County Schools.  On Monday, Dear JCPS, Save Our Schools, and other advocates participated in a… Continue reading JCPS Education Advocates Hold Virtual Teacher Forums


3 Things You Can Do Today   After watching this week's episode of Save Our Schools with Dear JCPS... Complete the survey to let district leaders know your thoughts on safely returning to in-person school. Sign the pledge to stand with JCPS Grassroots Organizations as they stand up for our most vulnerable students. Join KEU to stay up-to-date with the… Continue reading 3 Things You Can Do Today

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Educational Justice With “E’s”

This is a DRAFT of our legislative priorities for 2020. We want your input! Please help us rank them and provide examples of each of the categories listed below. Suggested edits and additions also welcome. ACHIEVING EDUCATIONAL JUSTICE in JCPS “with E’S” FROM OUR JCPS BOARD MEMBERS & SUPERINTENDENT, we demand: EVIDENCE-BASED education practices Realistic… Continue reading Educational Justice With “E’s”

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Big Win for the Little Guys!

Louisville Judge sides with Dear JCPS co-founder. Orders JCPS to release PTAs' financial records to the public. "In these challenging times, as educators and decision makers explore the glaring inequities in our district and seek ways to resolve them, Dear JCPS wants to make sure every student has an advocate in their corner -- especially… Continue reading Big Win for the Little Guys!


The Board’s Role in Oversight of External Organizations Dear JCPS, I understand JCPS legal counsel has issued a “hands off” directive regarding oversight of external organizations. And hand’s off is fine as long as principals and administrators are told the same thing.  But they’re not, and that’s problematic. I understand that we are under intense scrutiny from the state. Criticism from the audit… Continue reading The Board’s Role in Oversight of External Organizations


Why I Decided to “Run From the Floor” for the District-wide PTA Board

And Why We Are Asking Members of the JCPS Board of Education for Their Help Click on the image to sign the petition. Dear JCPS, Thank you for your time! My name is XXXXXX XXXXXXXX. I am a parent of students that attend XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX Middle. I am writing this letter to make you… Continue reading Why I Decided to “Run From the Floor” for the District-wide PTA Board


Experienced Black Female Educator Challenges Status Quo

There’s an election going on. A very important election. For the first time in 20 years, ever since the sitting president removed term limits for himself and his loyal accomplices so they could remain in power, he and his white incumbents face a very a real threat from dissatisfied rank-and-file members A Black, female educator,… Continue reading Experienced Black Female Educator Challenges Status Quo


“Friendly Incumbent” or “Friendly Fire?”

Elections for more than a dozen open seats on the Jefferson County Teachers’ Association (JCTA) Board, (including the four key leadership positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), are up for grabs. With the election less than two weeks away, candidate campaigning, and sadly, nasty disinformation campaigns originating from entrenched white leaders intent on… Continue reading “Friendly Incumbent” or “Friendly Fire?”

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Come Have Some Tea With Me

My friends call it "spilling the tea." My family used to call it "spilling the beans." Although I think the expressions came from two completely different origins, they mean roughly the same thing in this situation. Not sure where the expression came from, but I can picture some well-dressed Southern ladies sitting together at their… Continue reading Come Have Some Tea With Me