Where’s The REAP?

At the Sept.1, 2020 JCPS Board meeting, Dr. Pollio responded to Board Member Marshall’s question about whether or not the district has run the proposed changes to the Student Assignment Plan through the REAP. Dr. Pollio volunteered “and the current one,” which was not even part of the original question.


However, as seen in this Sept. 9, 2020 email  from the district’s Open Records attorney, the entire, current plan has NOT gone through the REAP.


Which statement is accurate?

A “live REAP” is one of the reasonable demands that is evolving as part of the Coalition for the People’s Agenda. Therefore, it is imperative that the public not be misled about the existence of this document ahead of the anticipated Board vote on the Student Assignment Plan changes on Sept. 29th. Please contact your board member and remind them that when it comes to the proposed tax increase, they need to #EARNThePeoplesVote.

Resolve to be Anti-Racist, JCPS

Another demand that is coming from the Coalition is a Board Resolution in support of the People’s Agenda. We take exception to the response to the SBDM disparities question asked in the same email. Any punitive and oppressive local, state or national law that leads to disparate outcomes for our vulnerable students should still be within the district’s jurisdiction to at least identify and measure, should they not? Any identified harmful legislation should be added to the district’s legislative agenda to advocate against in the future. In fact, the district’s dismissive response, in our view, reiterates why impacted community members feel a demonstration of good-faith on the district’s part, such as the proposed Board Resolution, is warranted. Earn the People’s vote!


We have learned that the district plans to conduct a REAP on the Student Assignment Plan on Oct. 7.