Justice for the People (PAC)

We are tired of having Mitch McConnell’s knee on the necks of the good people of the US, but especially Louisville’s Black and Kentucky’s poor.

Gay Adelmann, Co-founder of Dear JCPS, the PAC’s Sponsor



Thank you for checking out this new page about our new Political Action Committee, Justice for the People!

We just filed with KREF on Oct. 25, 2022, just two weeks before the Nov. 8 election. Why? Because there’s no time like the present to do something about what’s happening in our society, and we don’t see anyone else locally doing what we know needs to be done. We won some and we lost some, but even in the races where our endorsed candidates lost, we at least made the incumbents and dark money candidates go on record.

For 2023, we can’t be complacent. Kentucky has a gubernatorial election and five statewide elections to worry about. Mitch McConnell has hand-picked Daniel Cameron as his successor. We need your help to prevent that from happening, and our next opportunity is the May primary. Our state is in grave danger of falling to the outsiders and opportunists aligned with election deniers and extremist views. We cannot afford to wait another year to see what happens. WE MUST ACT NOW!

We must take back our democracy, our natural resources and our tax dollars for the people. Dark money special interest groups and out of state PACs have dominated these elections for far too long. This current election cycle, they have some of our grassroots candidates outspent 100 to 1.

Below is some coverage from our press announcement:

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