Opt-Out Toolkit

KPREP is coming! The state will tell you you cannot LEGALLY opt your children out of high-stakes KPREP tests. But there are options they are not telling you. Dear JCPS recommends parents and students wishing to follow the plan outlined below.

#1 – Notify your school administration.

Send a notice in writing (email is best) to the principal. If you would like for us to monitor your request and put you in contact with other parents doing the same, send a copy to moderator@dearjcps.com. Below are some examples you can follow:

Sample Opt-Out Letter #1 (Generic)
Sample Opt-Out Letter #2 (Mental Health)
Sample Opt-Out Letter #3 (Religious – General)
Sample Opt-Out Letter #4 ( Religious – Christian)

#2 – Join the RefuseTheTestsKY Facebook Group (Coming Soon)

#3 – Complete the survey.

#4 – Share this message on social media. Use hashtags #OptOutKY #RefuseTheTestsKY #CancelTheTests #CancelTheTestsKY

#5 – Organize and empower other parents and students at your school(s). Call 502-565-8397 to get started.

#6 – Prepare for the backlash. Expect emails, home visits, pressure on your student, etc. in an attempt to bully you into compliance.

#7 – Document everything. Notify proper authorities or agencies if yours or your student’s rights are violated.

#8 – Share your experiences with others by emailing documentation to moderator@dearjcps.com or posting in the DearJCPS Facebook Group.

#9 – Attend the Virtual Town Hall (Tentatively scheduled for April 25)

#10 – Contact your lawmakers about supporting bills like HB579.

#11 – Keep your kids home on test days. 

#12 – Tell us how it went.

We will be providing resources and information about your other options once testing dates are announced. Join our email list to stay up-to-date on your students’ opt-out options.


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