Letter of Commitment

Organizers are expected to be aligned at all times with the Dear JCPS vision statement, to be visible at board meetings, willing to speak at a board meeting or event least once per quarter, wear their Dear JCPS button to public functions, and share posts on Facebook and Twitter. They are also expected to assist with moderation of posts on our public and private pages in order to redirect conversations that marginalize others. Organizers will work at advocacy booths, attend regular meetings, collect email addresses for our eblasts, and maintain a positive and constructive public image. Failure to do so can result in removal from this community of organizers.

Organizers assist in the determination of Dear JCPS’ policies and direction, which are decided by a majority vote of the organizers. Ample time is allowed to discuss and deliberate on the direction we will take and policies that we support. Once a decision is made on any policy and/or direction, organizers are expected to support publicly the group’s decision.

Organizers are expected to support the work and initiatives of Dear JCPS and must stay informed and participate in some way or form the actions and/or events for which we are advocating. Organizers should refrain from making public comments that will detract from the goals of Dear JCPS.

Organizers are required to keep confidential any documents and/or e-mails labeled as such.

Below are examples of activities in which organizers may be asked to participate.

  1. “Like” Dear JCPS Facebook page, read articles that are posted and share with your Facebook community articles that are relevant. Join in the conversations and assist with moderating our pages.
  2. Follow @Dear_JCPS on Twitter, retweet any tweets that are relevant to your Twitter community.
  3. Read “Organizer Updates” e-mails.
  4. Respond to Dear JCPS legislative alerts; share these alerts with your friends, networks, etc.
  5. Promote Dear JCPS in your local community, when exhibitor opportunities become available and sign up new members or participants when possible.
  6. Participate on organizer conference calls as often as possible.
  7. Attend Dear JCPS sponsored events that occur in your community.
  8. If you are available, attend district and state board meetings and legislative hearings; and if necessary, prepare and deliver testimony.
  9. Be active and aware of your local school community by becoming active your schools and/or attending board of education meetings, etc.
  10. If possible, serve as committee chair, committee member, and organize events to inform local community of Dear JCPS activities.

Because we understand you are busy, we do not expect you to participate in all of these activities. However, we do expect a minimum level of commitment and ask that you participate in as many of these activities as your time permits. If you feel that you cannot devote any time to our organization, we ask that you consider changing your status to either of these two options.

  1. Option 1 is to shift to “inactive” status. Inactive organizers will not receive “Organizer Updates” or conference call invitations. Inactive organizers can request reinstatement to “active” status provided they are willing to participate in some of the obligations listed above. This organizer category was created for organizers who need to take a temporary break.
  2. Option 2 is to cease being an organizer and continue as a member. Reinstatement to organizer status, provided the organizer remains a member in good standing, will be considered upon request of the organizer.

I agree to the tenants of the Dear JCPS Vision Statement in their entirety, and will make every effort to participate and support the above list of activities. I further understand that organizers who are unable to fulfill their obligations or willfully violate the spirit and intent of Dear JCPS can be removed by the Executive Director.



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These “Organizer” activities and letter of commitment were taken, with permission, from Save Our Schools New Jersey.