Vision Statement

Our vision statement consists of the following:

1. Stakeholder Input. Dear JCPS was founded as a response to continued decision-making by district administrators and board members that appeared to be absent genuine stakeholder input, especially from teachers and parents. Dear JCPS strives to provide additional opportunities and mechanisms for stakeholder input, including open letter forums, speaking at board meetings, and direct communication with district leaders and board members.

2. Fully Funded Public Education. Dear JCPS and Save Our Schools KY believe every child should have access to a high-quality, fully funded public education. Therefore, we are opposed to anything that could take resources, attention and support away from public schools.

3. Reduced Emphasis on “High-Stakes” Standardized Testing. Dear JCPS recognizes that too much emphasis on high-stakes tests leads to a resentful and non-collaborative environment, extremes at both ends of the spectrum giving too much power to those who win at a rigged game, squeezing out of deeper learning opportunities and wrap-around services and are disproportionately affecting at-risk students. Instead of teaching to the test, labeling and punishing students and schools, we want to see a return to an emphasis on a portfolio of skills, contributing to love of learning and creating lifelong learners.

4. Early Intervention – Dear JCPS recognizes that many of the problems that exist in our schools today are a result of students in later grades requiring additional resources to get them to grade level reading and math. We encourage investments in providing necessary supports and interventions to ensure students are performing at grade level, as opposed to later years when remediation has lower success rates and higher expense and resource requirements.

5. Equitable Access to Quality Public Education – Systematic oppression is real. We cannot and will not remain neutral or silent with regard to educational injustice. Dear JCPS strives to shine a light on areas where these injustices occur in order to right the wrongs and ensure all students have equitable access to a quality public education.

6. Accountability and Transparency – Dear JCPS expects board and district decisions to be presented honestly and implemented with fidelity. Dear JCPS will continue to follow up at board meetings and with district leaders to question if decisions made were in the best interest of students and were implemented according to the proposals made to (and expectations of) board members.