Odell Henderson

December, 2015, in LOUISVILLE, KY, Odell Henderson comes to JCPS to join Donna Hargens’ administration.

The information in his personnel file indicates that he “retired” from Louisville Metro. His departure, in fact, could have had something to do with a “good death” scandal involving him and a “supermodel” colleague, LMAS Director, Jennifer Jo Montgomery, at his home one cold, December night.


Her photo is in the article.

Damn, how did this article get in here?


The next article (below) states that “Henderson, 56, resigned [font formatting added for emphasis] from his job with Louisville Metro to take the job with JCPS, but is still working for the city while the details are worked out, according to Chris Poynter, a spokesman for Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.”


It goes on to say,

“Bonnie Hackbarth, a spokeswoman for JCPS, told WDRB on Wednesday evening that Henderson had been “offered and accepted” the job with the district, but that his start date has not yet been determined.

She said district officials checked with the mayor’s office and it was her understanding that Henderson was not part of an investigation.”

Sounds like some easily verifiable bullshit to me.

Not only were no charges filed against Henderson, as far as I know, he somehow managed to land on his feet, get a huge $22,000 a year bump in salary, get the story buried (my good friend who is a leader in the local animal rescue world was unaware of his unaddressed criminal allegations). But isn’t it curious that while he’s over there playing coy with the media, Hargens’ gangsta-gaslighter-spox-for-hire, Bonny Hackbarth, publicly tips Odell’s hand?

In the article, Hargens’ gangsta-gaslighter-spox-for-hire, Bonny Hackbarth, publicly tips Odell’s hand. Meanwhile, they’re actively denying any and all allegations against him.

It feels like a chess move, which he may have felt he had little choice, but went wherever the mob bosses send him next. I mean, damn. If you’re willing to accept transported illegal drugs to conspire to kill your 2 year-old lab in your own home, what else are you willing to do? And if you’re promoted for it, what else does that say? And knowing what I know about his involvement in some violations against one Black teacher in particular, he was put there for one reason. To do a job. 

So where did he go? Did anyone hear why he left?

A copy of his file can be found here:

Henderson, O'Dell.

I have requested an update to see if anything has been added recently. Something stinks to high heaven here. I don’t know what it is but I’m listening if anyone else does.