Since our founding in 2015, we’ve accomplished a lot.

Dear JCPS members took back local control of our school board. We helped put JCPS board members in place who are the most receptive to stakeholder concerns, who have promised to hold district leadership accountable, and will strive to keep public schools public. We’ve exposed injustices and helped board members make more informed votes. And we have the leadership we needed under our new superintendent, Dr. Marty Pollio!

We are making a real difference! But we can’t do it without you. The privatization movement has lots of money and resources. True public education advocacy work is underfunded, because there is no profit to be made in doing the right thing. With charter schools and scholarship tax credits still a threat, and ALEC and Koch Operatives lurking around every corner, we have to stay vigilant.

Help us keep our work going by making a donation to our cause. Every expense is paid for from volunteers’ pockets: copies, buttons, signage, handouts, social media and websites, refreshments, mileage and gas.  You name it.

Please consider making a donation to our parent organization, Save Our Schools Kentucky. Founded in 2016, SOSKY has been holding state leaders accountable, and with the community’s support, we’ve been able to stop charter schools, vouchers and other harmful weapons of the privatizers’ agenda from ravaging Kentucky’s underfunded schools.