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Equitable Access to Quality Education is a Fundamental Right

Until it’s not. On April 10, during a hastily called board meeting where no public comment was permitted, four of the seven JCPS Board Members (all white) cruelly voted to take transportation away from 16,000 Black, Brown and poor students who were accepted into their hard-earned magnet programs, effectively “ending busing” and forcing students into their “neighborhood schools” despite the outcries of the community. Only those students whose families have the means and connections to get them to their school of choice will be able to attend these schools in the future, furthering the resegregation of JCPS schools.

Deadlines to make decisions for next school year’s plans are fast approaching, so if you’re still looking for transportation options to get your child(ren) to their magnet school(s) next year, you might want to check out:

To request a seat, complete Chuck Deel’s bus sign up form (June 10 is the deadline to signup), or one of the other options that have come to our attention. One of those other options is the “Cool Carpool” below. 

Christ Temple Life Church also held a community forum the other night and may be offering solutions. Make sure your scholar doesn’t miss out on their hard-earned education opportunities due to the failure (or unwillingness) of district administrators to prepare for their futures. Continue to contact your board member about stipends to offset these out-of-pocket expenses, if they have not been offered already.

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