Who is Louisville’s Jeffrey Epstein?

Could it be this guy? 

Former Journalism Department Co-Chair at the district’s most prestigious high school, duPont Manual, is a protected predator. And he’s just one of many. James Miller (seen below on right) with Dear JCPS co-founder (center) and JCTA President Brent McKim, is also a graduate of duPont Manual. Miller’s was also a regular face among racial justice circles, including becoming this writer’s confidant, ally, colleague, mentor, etc. We were being infiltrated and recruited to join a cult. We just didn’t know it.

Here Dear JCPS co-founder, Gay Adelmann (center, identity protected), was presented with the JCTA Apple Award in 2018, by JCTA President Brent McKim (left) and convicted child predator James Miller (right).  She was nominated for the award by Miller, who, by all accounts, was a trusted ally until his sudden resignation and disappearance from public life in 2023.

Well-known and respected Louisville financial planner, author of Kentucky Fried Pensions, and former Kentucky Pension Board member, Chris Tobe, thinks James might be Louisville’s Jeffrey Epstein. Here’s an email he sent to me and another outspoken activist and JCPS teacher last January when Miller was first sentenced. He’s not the only one who thinks this goes deeper than just James’ exploits.


 “Lots of rumors” have been shared with this blogger from multiple sources, including retired JCTA Executive Director Steve Neal and former AFSCME President Sandy Mayes. McKim also has ties to Manual, touting himself as a science teacher from the prestigious school, where his first wife also taught and where they were mired in numerous salacious scandals.

So why isn’t anyone listening to them?

Well, we are, and that’s why we are putting this page together.

And at least this predator is facing justice, right? 

WRONG! He is already out on probation. He’s obviously being protected, just like the Stoner Twins (also from Manual) are.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, we haven’t even gotten to the meat of the matter.

People’s heads are going to explode when they finally figure this out. And hopefully protected predators, perps and pedophiles preying on JCPS pupils can finally be sentenced to spend the rest of their days wasting away in the damp dungeons under the prisons in which they belong.

Not get off easy … like this guy on the right.


Or this guy.


Or this guy.

Or the countless others who benefit or have been compromised and blackmailed into turning a blind eye to the cult that operates in plain sight within JCPS. 

Who are we? We are witnesses, survivors and victims of the JCPS cult in Louisville, KY! We are accomplices and allies. Some are recovering abusers ourselves. Please listen to us. We escaped. Others haven’t. Protected predators are running the institution. Please help us get it back! Help us get our loved ones back. Help us hold the leaders accountable. There’s really only a handful of them. We can take you to them if you come in peace. Please contact us.

Please help us get justice for the brave victims who came forward in this video. They are just the beginning. There are at least 15 others, as we learned about when one of them spoke at the February 13, 2024 JCPS School Board meeting. But watch! They go to great lengths to silence her and the other victims who came to show their support.

This shows the board chair literally adjourning the meeting before calling the most uncomfortable speaker in the room to come up to speak. They not only put her off until the bitter end, like they did to the speakers who signed up to lay down some critical feedback during another denial and fraud-laced Board Meeting in late 2015, they pretended like she hadn’t signed up, but yet they also doubly cautioned her not to name names. So which was it, was the Board Chair aware of what she wanted to speak about or wasn’t he? Was he perhaps advised, either by a compromised legal counsel, or a compromised superintendent, who sold their soul to the devil long before to this? So what’s one more abusive or illegal act? And why not? If I were them, I’d be elbowing my buddies, saying, “Try this. No consequences so far, and plus, with all these tax dollars, we have unlimited get out of jail free cards.” That’s cultspeak for get on our yacht and you’ll never want to leave. And that’s doublecultspeak for “try to leave and we’ll make sure you drown.”

Where are the consequences?  The 2015 meeting was laced with denial of a crisis, among other fraudulent, unethical, misleading and corrupt acts that took place that night, and even after a scathing audit revealing what we already knew, no one was ever held liable.

Watch this interview with a respected reporter who has covered sex trafficking of minors since long before Jeffrey Epstein’s case became widely known, but he describes the cult-like behavior that lures people in to their web, compromises them and then blackmails them into complicity. This sounds exactly like the stories we’ve been hearing in JCPS. And to this date, victims have yet to be interviewed!


Read this Rolling Stones article about an undercover FBI agent and the similarities between sex trafficking predators from all of the groups we’ve raised concerns about here.

Don’t let these JCPS victims who have not yet come forward become more disposable thrills for a criminally corrupt crime ring that at a minimum resembles, if it’s not directly connected to, the story that is coming out about Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. The district leadership has not even started their investigation. Why is that? What laws need to change? Instead of criminalizing diversity, perhaps KY lawmakers could address the laws and policies and loop holes that allow predators to run our schools. What allows a union to be infiltrated by a mob and an administration that benefits from it to turn a blind eye and get away with it, repeatedly, at the expense of the very people their job it is to serve?


Consider making a donation, signing our pledge, speaking at the next board meeting, contacting the media about your own examples of abuses of power, coverups, retaliation, etc. by these same individuals who are involved in repeat offenses. Do whatever you can do in your circles of influence that further amplify the voices of the victims, who were CHILDREN when they were recruited, groomed and/or forced into a “lifestyle” of sexual abuse by adults who were responsible for their care, and then criminalized, tossed aside, disrespected.

If that’s not enough, it’s a “lifestyle” that is apparently condoned by the people you elect (and their party pals who they appoint) to run taxpayer funded institutions, whose criminal conduct they shield whenever it’s brought to anyone’s attention. They then continue to abuse funds we give them to recruit teachers and bus drivers to instead pay off victims or witnesses, settle lawsuits (that include gag orders about coverups, bullying, threats and intimidation) and so much more.

Why isn’t anyone listening?

We are.

Are you?

If you’re ready to get active with us, we first must get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction. Unlike the well-funded powerbrokers and cult leaders who abuse the system to their own benefit, we can’t afford to fend off every frivolous distraction and disingenuous infiltrator they send our way. One of the best ways we can do the work authentically is by raising funds from “reSISTERS” and “hasBROS” who recognize the cult-like toxic gaslight, welcoming new members into our spaces who share our values and views and are willing to put their time, talent and treasure into action. Your donation to our PAC is the first step. Please help us build our own table, since we, the people of Louisville, Kentucky, keep getting denied a seat at the tables by entrenched predators and their fly-by-night outsiders who don’t share our values have stolen from us. If you think cults have no place in government, please stand with the anti-cultist stakeholders and taxpayers of Louisville, Kentucky.