Sign The Pledge

With the pandemic and movement for Black lives continuing to unfold before our very eyes, our educational climate is also changing by the minute. With the proposed tax increase on the November ballot, we believe the JCPS community should use this additional time to have these necessary but difficult conversations and brainstorm solutions to meet the needs of our district’s most vulnerable students.

This strategy will not only increase community buy-in as solutions are developed, but it will increase the likelihood that new tax revenues will be spent in the best ways possible. 

Whether or not you favor the tax increase (or still haven’t decided), please sign our pledge to stand with grassroots JCPS organizations as we continue to advocate for systemic change in the district on behalf of our most vulnerable populations.

A lot can happen between now and November. Let’s see where this conversation takes us.

Thank you!

Join our coalition of parents, students, educators, taxpayers, community members, businesses and organizations who agree to support grassroots JCPS organizations that advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable populations. Let our JCPS Board of Education, Superintendent, and Administration and others know that we will support their proposals to increase property taxes as long as they can demonstrate their commitment to stand up for JCPS' most vulnerable students.
  • "I am a qualified voter in the Jefferson County Public School District, and I stand with grassroots JCPS organizations working for systemic change on behalf of our district's most vulnerable populations."
  • If you don't know, you can look them up here:
    Whether you support the tax increase or not, or haven't decided, please indicate your interest in having the measure added to the November ballot. Deadline is Friday, June 10, 2020.
  • You message may be posted on our website and social media with your first and last initials only.