Actions Taken

1. Stakeholder Input.

Action: Dear JCPS engages in activities such as a presence at every board meeting, regular dialogue with our board members, posting open letters from stakeholders on our website, conducting anonymous letter campaigns, sending email blasts, facilitating board members’ participation in “Shadow a Student” week, hosting coffee talks and mixers, and developing safe forums and “voice” teams for teachers, students and parents to provide and share feedback without fear of retribution.

2. Fully Funded Public Education.

Action: We are actively monitoring legislation surrounding public education funding and publicly funded charter schools. We push for transparency and accountability in upcoming legislation, engage and inform constituents on these issues and encourage them to contact their representatives, as well. We continue to work to ensure prudent implementation of anything that would take resources away from, or distract from the need to address, the most vulnerable populations in JCPS.

3. Reduced Emphasis on “High Stakes” Standardized Testing.

Actions: Dear JCPS has made recommendations to administrators and legislators that include: banning all high stakes tests on grades K through 2, ESL and ECE students; limit the amount of time that can be spent on testing in priority schools; and inform parents of upcoming tests their students will take. We are interested in educating and empowering parents and students on the facts surrounding the frequency and appropriateness of high stakes tests, as well as their rights, responsibilities and repercussions surrounding refusal of the tests. We recently conducted a Forum entitled The New 3 R’s: Parents’ Rights, Responsibilities and Repercussions of High Stakes, Standardized Tests.

4. Early Childhood Education

Action: We are implementing a program called Ready 4K!, which sends text messages three times per week to parents of 3 and 4 year olds helping them prepare for Kindergarten.

5. Equitable Access to Quality Public Education

Action: We have been sharing information regarding the inequitable student assignment maps with board members and community members in the hopes that any changes to the assignment will take into account the hurdles and barriers placed on our most vulnerable populations.

6. Accountability and Transparency

Action: Dear JCPS continues to ask for updates, solicit feedback from stakeholders and policymakers, and shares this information at board meetings and on our website and social media avenues.