Black Female JCPS Educator Files Motion to Protect Her Rights


Louisville, Kentucky – Dr. Kimberly Johnson, an educator with over two decades of experience, has come forward to speak out against the actions of the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). Dr. Johnson, a Black Educator who has dedicated her career to serving the students of Kentucky, has recently settled a lawsuit against a Kentucky school district. However, shortly after settling the lawsuit, the EPSB began to demand that Johnson sign agreed orders requiring her to admit fault on multiple situations that were part of the lawsuit, surrender some of her professional licenses and submit to other sanctions. In addition, these sanctions EPSB suggested that Johnson suffered from a mental abnormality as part of the sanctions would require her to be evaluated physically, neurologically, and mentally by a “board approved” physician twice a year. Johnson rejected multiple agreed orders for months as she felt her rights had been violated since EPSB had not followed Kentucky laws and statutes, as well as federal laws.

According to Dr. Johnson, the EPSB has ignored her constitutional rights in their efforts to discipline her. “I have been subjected to a biased and unfair process, in which my rights to due process and equal protection have been disregarded,” said Dr. Johnson.

On December 30, 2022, Dr. Johnson submitted a motion to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office and the Education Professional Standards Board, outlining the violations that had been committed against her. Despite putting them on notice, the EPSB has continued to try to accomplish sanctions without following the legal process. Dr. Johnson has raised some concerns about EPSB’s authority, conflict of interest, and adherence to the law.

Dr. Johnson’s case highlights the EPSB’s disregard for the laws and regulations that govern their actions. The Board has failed to follow the procedures outlined in Kentucky laws and statutes, as well as federal laws, in their efforts to discipline Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Johnson is currently seeking legal action to restore her rights and is determined to fight against the EPSB’s unjust actions.

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  • Johnson’s Motion (12/30/22) 
EPSB v. Johnson - Petitioners Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
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EPSB Exhibits
  • EPSB’s Motion (01/10/23)
Kimberly Johnson - EPSB FInal Motion