Accountability, Privatization of Public Education, Racial Equity

Pattern or Practice of Discrimination in JCPS

A new section of our website has been created to archive evidence and provide real-life examples of systemic or institutionalized racism within JCPS that have been documented by our group’s organizers.

Some of these patterns include:

  • Second-hand racism/retaliation.
  • Impossible/competing tasks.
  • Manufactured evidence.
  • Rigged elections.
  • Denied or delayed responses to claims of discrimination.

Some of the specific events where discrimination took place that we’ve documented thus far, include:

  • Investigation into allegations against Manual Principal Jerry Mayes.
  • PTA, SBDM and JCTA elections, bylaws and practices favoring JCPS administration, not members/stakeholders.
  • Fraudulent discontinuation of board-approved programs in West Louisville schools
    • Academy @ Shawnee Grades K-12 (discontinued before it started) 
    • Academy @ Shawnee middle school magnet (corrupted within two years)
    • Waldorf-styled program at Maupin Elementary (SBDM told how to vote after state had been notified).
    • Challenger Center at Shawnee (out-of-date data used to justify outsourcing operations)
  • Wrongful retaliation against Maupin educators, parents/guardians, students, and their advocates.

Some of the discriminatory practices we’ve documented include:

  • Failure to oversee and curtail outside organizations’ role in perpetuating systemic racism, despite repeated requests.
  • Biased and dead-ended internal investigations process.
  • Shutting out, silencing or derailing voices of grassroots organizations demanding racial equity.

This post will be updated. If you have examples of these events occurring in JCPS that you wish to have us consider adding to this list, please email or text 502-565-8397.