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(1) What your issue or question is and the type of fraud or wrongdoing?

Several of us have reported proof of various forms of coordinated efforts to commit waste, fraud and abuse by leaders within our school district and the outside agencies that service them. The fraud consists of bully administrators targeting, harassing, discriminating against and denying due process to whistleblowers, as well as internal investigations teams tampering with evidence to reconstruct an investigation and find the whistleblower “wrong” and the person who committed the crime “innocent.” Decision makers paying out secret settlements using taxpayer funds to keep themselves from going to jail or losing their jobs, and making back room deals to predetermine the outcome of cases before taking them to court or trial, as well as committing fraud in order to make rationales stick. In addition, they have denied services to special needs students and students with disabilities and then covered up their wrongdoing. We can prove these claims.

(2) The name of the entities, companies and persons who allegedly committed the wrongdoing or fraud? This is needed so we can conduct the required conflicts check before contacting you for a consultation.

Jefferson county public schools, Marty Pollio, Jodell Renn, Amy Dennes, Donna Hargens, David Jones, Jr., Maria Holmes, Joe Leffert, Kim Kent, Theresa White, James Craig, Sarah McIntosh, Chris Kolb, Corrie Shull, Houston Barber, Venita Benboe, Diane Porter, David Armour, Tiffeny Armour, David Kelly, Nate Meyer, Kevin Brown, Charita Kimbrough, O’Dell Henderson, Sharon Whitworth, Justin Willis, Anna Byrd, Katie Stoltz, Andrew Bailey, Paige Hartstern, Jon Cesler

Jefferson County Teachers Association, Brent McKim, DeeAnn Flaherty, Tammy Berlin, Sara Butryn, Sarah Weedman, Maddie Shepard, Emilie McKiernan, Erica Grossberg, Kumar Rashad, James Hughley, Tyra Walker

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Louisville, Chris Harmer, Tammy Berlin, Brent McKim

15th District PTA, Heather Wampler, Eddie Squires, Adam Kessler, Sienna Newman, Autumn Neagle, Jenna Jennings, Brian Wampler, Cheri Dimar, Sharon Whitworth, Justin Willis

Kentucky lawmakers and elected/appointed officials, including Morgan McGarvey, Jason Nemes, Julie Raque Adams, Jerry Miller, Joe Burks, Max Wise, Robert Stivers, John Schickel, Andy Beshear, Matt Bevin, Daniel Cameron, Daniel Grossberg, Damon Thayer, Jonathan Shell, Jason Glass, George Seay, Cody Hollan, Sarah Weedman, Byron Darnall

Lawyers and judges including Tyson Gorman, Megan McDonald, Marilyn Shrewsbury, Brian C. Edwards, Jennifer Nelson, Sadiqa Reynolds, Coy Travis, Cody Hollan, others already listed above.

Media, including Olivia Krauth, Veda Morgan, Mary Irby-Jones, Mike Trautmann, Jess Clark, Jared Bennett

(3) If your complaint concerns a company, to your knowledge is the company (or a related company) publicly traded in the United States?


(4) The approximate dates when this occurred and whether this is ongoing.

I began collecting evidence and reporting to authorities in 2013. It began prior to this time and it is ongoing.

(5) If this issue involves defrauding investors, government agencies or the taxpayers what is the approximate of dollar value of the fraud that has been committed? This is needed to evaluate whether the claim meets the dollar threshold required for some whistleblower award programs.

Billions of dollars. The school district has a $1.7 billion annual budget. The fraudulently awarded tax increase alone will cost tax payers $54 million in additional property tax each year. The amount paid out in secret settlements is unknown because efforts to obtain such information has been met with claims of confidentiality and “ongoing investigation” not subject to public records, despite them being a public government entity. However, this one example is easily in the millions and only increasing due to the coverups allowing the same and worse behaviors to continue. Not to mention the misappropriation of millions of dollars of federal funds awarded through grants, title I, IDEA, and more.

(6) Have you or anyone else (to your knowledge) reported this to anyone or filed any claims regarding this issue?

Yes, I have reported this to district leaders (who attacked and maligned me), internal investigations (who covered it up), board members, lawmakers, the FBI, KREF, DOJ, media and the public. There were claims filed by other groups and individuals involving various pieces of it, and for the most part, their legal avenues have been exhausted because of secret settlements, “internal investigations” finding “no wrongdoing” and back room deals made by lawyers, lawmakers, and infiltrators posing as trusted leaders.

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If we have not received a response back from you by THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2023, we will consider this matter closed and no further action will be taken.


ID #14523 – Emailed for more info and has until 6/29/23 to respond.


NAME: Gay Adams


PHONE: (502) 565-8397


I am a whistleblower in Louisville KY. I have some information I need to make public and want to know my rights and make sure I have all of my protections in place. I and several others have proof of multiple conspiracies to commit waste, fraud and abuse by powerful leaders in a large public government entity (second largest budget in the state) and then committing coverups to prevent them from getting caught. We have tried to find legal representation locally but no one wants to be on the wrong side of such powerful bullies, even when it’s a clear cut case, as ours is. Please let us know if you can help us. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting us and we look forward to your response.


Intake Coordinator

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