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Are Men Better Than Women?

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Dear JCPS,

Why is it that the females in our schools are punished more severely than the boys? I have been in the JCPS system for years, and every year when girls act up, their punishments are almost 3 times as harsh as when boys do the same “crime.” I used to coach for a boys athletic team here, and even though I finished the season with them, they were horrible. Lack of discipline and respect for the teachers and other coaches. It was a norm for a young man to call a female teacher a bitch, and nothing happened. Not one kid ever missed a game. At most, they’d have to apologize to the teacher, and then go on about their day. The boys know this, and used that power to their fullest extent. With their lack of discipline, they could get away with murder.

It bothers me so much because when girls act up, it’s like [School Name Withheld] throws them away. The athletic director and the principals and assistant principals are all sexist, in my eyes. And this is coming from a man. They don’t offer much support to the female teachers and leave them out to dry. When you have young men disrespecting females, that is when an older man comes in to correct him. That maybe happens 6% of the time at [School Name Withheld]…and that is a strong maybe.

This may be a rant, but I am only speaking from what I’ve seen and numerous teacher testimonies. Summed up, I just want ALL of the female teachers to be RESPECTED by the administration, and for both boys and girls athletic teams AND students in general to receive equal punishments across the board.

Thank You,

A Sad Man

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