Discipline: A matter of funding?

This letter was submitted via our open letter form. It does not necessarily reflect the views of Dear JCPS.

Dear Mr. Jones,

I worked for your father for many years and well I know he is an honest man and I am sure he instilled so many great values in you as well. My letter is to inform you and the school board that discipline is not something you take away so you can get more funding from the state, but needs to be harsher. An example of the lack of discipline is as follows: Friends from Brasil came to live here and work. They brought their two young children and sent them to school. One went to Ballard and was very active in school and one day as she was talking to a friend a girl didn’t like what she was saying came up on her and beat her till she was black and blue. The school policy was suspension for both if they both fought. She didn’t touch the girl as she was beaten and being video taped by the classmates. The teacher did nothing and the Principal suspended the girl who beat her up. That young girl has since dropped out of school and moved back to Brasil with her brother and mother. Her father is still here working until he can go back. I believe charges should have been brought against the teenage girl so this is not allowed to happen again. Children are taught there are no strict consequences for their actions, so who cares if I do anything wrong they need me to be in school so the Board can get funding. Is this is the message we send out to our children. I believe if we disciplined more then the hate crimes would decrease, shootings and killing would decrease and maybe the children that are in our schools to get an education could do so.

Sara Pires

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