Accountability, Mayes

Distressing account of racial and gender-based discrimination and bullying from Principal Mayes at Manual High School

Dear JCPS,

My name is [Name Withheld], duPont Manual class of 1996. I am a federal public servant at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the Washington, DC region, an attorney, and a parent of two daughters. I account my life thus far a success, and I do so in no small part thanks to the guidance and nurturing I received at Manual in the early 90s.

I was therefore extraordinarily shocked and outraged to read stories fellow alumni shared with me this morning about the conduct of the current principal at Manual – see links:

As a proud alumnus, let me make clear that I find this behavior on the part of any school official utterly abhorrent and antithetical to the goal of fostering positive educational outcomes in an environment where all students can feel safe and valued

DuPont Manual has had a reputation for being among the best high schools in the nation, as it did when I was a student in the 1990s, and its success was in no small part due to the efforts of its teachers and staff to create an environment where students felt safe, accepted for who they were, and valued as people. This environment greatly aided the amazing educational outcomes for which Manual has rightly received praise.

The views Mr. Mayes has expressed to, and the bullying actions he has taken against kids who, as minors and students under programs within his control, are utterly at his mercy are anathema to the mission of Manual High School and, indeed, any other school. It is ludicrous to me that here, in the year 2017, there would be such discriminatory conduct from a principal AT MANUAL that I would feel compelled to write to you about this, but here we are.

It is my hope that you will take immediate action to remedy this gross and possibly unlawful behavior on the part of Mr. Mayes. In the mean time, I will continue to notify my fellow alumni about this.

Best Regards,

[Name Withheld]