LaTasha Harrison – 4th VP

LaTasha Harrison
4th Vice President

What PTA positions have you held in the past and what PTA/PTSA are currently a member of?

I have served as a member of the PTA for the past 12 years. I held the position of President at Price Elementary for two years and on the first year won the National School of Excellence Award. I am currently a member of the Alex R. Kennedy PTA and Moore Middle PTA.

What prompted you to seek this position?

As a member of the 15th District PTA Board of Directors, I hope to support the growth of future PTA leaders and to be an advocate for the health, education, and welfare of all children. While providing outlets and avenues that empower our parents and children to reach their greatest potential.

What about the position excites you and why do you want to join the 15th District PTA Board?

I am excited about the opportunities of working with different schools and building relationships that will allow the PTA to grow as a whole. I believe that there is so much more that we can offer our children and parents if we work together and build together.

Will you be comfortable being an ambassador or advocate for our association and our mission which includes National PTA Resolutions and Position Statements? If so what makes you passionate about our association?

I am excited to be an ambassador for the National PTA. The PTA is the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the United States. The PTA was founded on being influential on federal policies that promote education, health and the well-being of all children that resulted in kindergarten classes, child labor laws, school lunch programs, a juvenile justice system, and the strengthening of parent-teacher relationships. I am passionate about advocating for our children and parents.

Joining a board requires working as part of a team. How would you describe your ability to work on a team? The role you think you will play as part of this team?

I enjoy being a team player any successful organization is successful because of great minds working together. I actively listen to others. As a team player, I can absorb, understand, and consider ideas and points of view from other people. I am a very effective communicator and problem solver. I have the willingness to share, information, knowledge, and experience.

A 15th District PTA Board position is an important commitment. Are you able to give the time necessary to fulfill this role and to attend all PTA board meetings and events?

Yes, I have the time necessary to fulfill my duties. I am very excited about being a part of the 15th District PTA Board. I am committed to fulfilling my duties and excited to bring new innovative ways to work with students and parents.

Questions and responses are taken from the 15th District PTA Website, where you can also find information about the candidates on the slate, the election and how to become a delegate.  

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