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Referrals Vs. Data

Dear Board of JCPS,

Listening to the Board meeting on Mon. Dec. 14, I have only 1 topic I wish to discuss. The ‘data’ mentioned is not an example of what goes on in the schools. I have worked at 3 schools over the past 20+ yrs. and have written many referrals. They all concern behaviors that were included in the Student Code of Behavior. But, only half were actually completed by the Assistant Principal. Sometimes, the student said I and the students that observed the behavior were ‘lying’ on him and since he did not admit to the offense, the referral was torn up. Another frequently used reason to not complete the referral process was that I was told “next time the student repeats this behavior, write a referral and we’ll do something”. It may have been a fight, smoking a cigarette in the classroom, stealing another student’s belongings, using vulgar or threatening vocabulary, or many other behaviors.I and many of my fellow teachers starting not even writing referrals. The students knew that most of the time, their parents weren’t even called. “No big deal” They would say.

So, when the issue of “DATA” was discussed, I rolled my eyes and said to myself:

“Data can be used to show whatever you want it to show.”

Yours truly,

A teacher who has a great team that backs her up. and tries to stay away from The JCPS offices and my school’s Principal, Assistant-Prin., Counselors etc.

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