One comment on “Teacher Shortage: Rethink JCPS Hiring Policy To Allow Ex-Felons Who Have Paid Their Debt to Society and Proven Themselves Professionally

  1. I read all of these posts, tweets, news articles and the like about teacher shortages but I never hear a single person speak out the simple fact that finding a public school teaching position in ELEMENTARY Ed is near impossible. There are not shortages across the board. I went to grad school, worked as “just a sub” and was given great feedback about my work. I loved being a JCPS sub. Really, I did! However, subbing is not a career and will not pay the bills. Here I am, still waiting for a single phone call from JCPS, two years after finishing grad school. I am now told it is highly unlikely I will ever even be interviewed unless I work for the district in some manner….as a sub, assistant, bus driver. I have also been told that I am over qualified for these positions and therefore, not interviewed. Of course, it is not even financially possible for me to do that, even with a second job. So even though I earned my degree, subbed in many schools across the district, and even call JCPS in attempt to be considered, I am left with thousands of dollars in school loans for a career that I may never have. I am posting this because I do not want others to think that there are major shortages across all grades and make the mistake I did.

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