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Bus Driver Leaves Students All Alone

This anonymous* letter was submitted from a parent via our open letter form.

Board Member: David Jones, @DavidJonesJCPS

Dear JCPS,

I found out this morning that my son’s bus has been dropping him and his schoolmates off early and then driving off without waiting for them to get into the school. It is a well known policy that students don’t come in until 8:40am. There is no adult supervision until then. This driver has repeatedly left students in a dangerous situation. The school is angry, the parents are angry, the children are scared and JCPS is simply “looking in to it.” Leaving students unattended is just unconscionable.


Angry Parent

* As with all anonymous contributions, the identity is known by Dear JCPS administrators, but not shared publicly. Should a board member wish to be put in touch with the person submitting the anonymous letter, arrangements can be made by contacting your Dear JCPS liaison. Thank you.

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