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  1. Fed Up Mom- I am so sorry it has come to your daughter trying to take her own life. My daughter and I have dealt with the same kind of bullying and the same reaction from the school staff at Stuart. The Zero Tolerance on bulling is a joke. The girl who was bullying my daughter was bullying everyone. Throwing books and other things at students in the classrooms, verbally abusing and physically fighting with students. After my daughter had filed several complaints with the counselor, phone calls from me, the girl receiving several referrals a DAY and being suspended a few times, the principal told them to quit writing referrals on her. After hearing that, I told my daughter to knock her the f out! My daughter cried and told me she couldn’t do that, she would get in trouble. I told her, “not with me.” My daughter also told me she couldn’t hit anyone. I told her when she finally got fed up that she would and not to worry about being in trouble with me because I would be right there by her side backing her up, defending her right to stand up for herself when the school obviously thinks this other girl was allowed to do whatever she wanted without consequences. I don’t condone fighting but there is a point where a child has to stand up for their self and that’s when the adults in the situation are not protecting our children. A couple months later my daughter came home proud of herself, telling of how she lost it after the girl threw a book at her head in class and she stood up and shoved the girl out of seat into the floor. That’s the last time my daughter had an issue with this girl. My daughter didn’t get in trouble but I was ready to stand up for her if she would have. My daughter starts at PRP next year and you can bet if she has issues there, I will be in the school every day making the staffs life hell until they do something. If that don’t work, then maybe we should all get an attorney and fight this school system on their incompetence of their own Zero Bullying Tolerance. The bully should not have the easy life, they should be the ones transferred to another school when they have this many write ups and suspensions. JCPS should be held responsible for their inactions. Keep fighting for your daughter!

  2. Good afternoon, I know this post is old, however i have had and am having the same issue. Only this time the bully’s parent is an employee at the School (Newburg Middle School). I along with many of you will continue to fight for my/ all children. My daughter too has expressed that she no longer wants to be here any longer, her sleep is off as she wakes up like clock work every morning at 3am, she walks around almost as if she is broken. This is breaking my heart… I have equipped J.C.P.S with descent, respectful, moral having, and rule abiding children. And in return im getting broken, abused, and mentally unstable children. Absolutely not exceptable!!! I do not and will not except that “child being bullied just needs tougher skin or a back bone or already had low self-esteem ” bs the school system likes to feed parents”. I have tried everything and i have reached out to everyone i could have, counselor, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent ( refused to speak with me the first 7 attempts, then when she did speak with me it felt forced and the assurance she offered was null and void 5 days latter), and the superintendent( whom has yet to respond to an e-mail, or a phone call). I know he( the superintendent) has alot he is doing, however if he gets calls about bullying and it is effecting a child to the point they no longer want to be in this world, seems like this “loving, caring father” and Superintendent would want to step in and address the issue or issues at the school and help prevent suicides occurring from school related bullying..Surely bullying is of or should be a priority on his agenda !!!! Sad when a human being regardless of position, cant show concern, compassion, for the children or even intrest in a broken system( Schools, and leadership) in which he ( the superintendent ) is now in control of…Im still not 100% sure of what exactly i can do to help prevent/ and stop bullying in schools, but what i do lnow is there is strength in numbers/ voices… If anyone has/ had or knows of anyone who has or had a child at Newburg middle School please contact me and together lets see what were able to accomplish.(Shalondatinker1976@gmail.com) If i can in anyway help anyone of you dealing with bullying, please let me know. I will keep everyone and your beautiful children in my prayers.
    Thank you

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