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Purposeful Exclusion Makes Me Feel Undervalued

This letter was submitted to JCPS Board Members this morning, and shared with Dear JCPS for others to use as template, if desired.

Dear JCPS,

I am greatly disappointed and confused by recent decisions to hold salary and code of conduct meetings during school hours. Teachers across the district are extremely concerned about both issues and would like to be part of the meetings that are scheduled.

I read that teachers are invited to watch a live stream of the meeting. However, how am I able to participate, or even watch, when I will be at school teaching 20 precious 4th graders? I am shocked that more of an effort was not made to include teachers and stakeholders in your decision making. I know I speak for many others when I say that purposeful exclusion from these meetings makes me feel VERY undervalued as an employee.

Morale around the district continues to plummet. Employees have lost respect for administrators after being blindsided by salary issues and then being insulted by Tom Hudson. We have watched the mess surrounding restraint and seclusion and felt the obvious code of silence around the district. Now, we are excluded from meetings related to student behavior and our well being. Something MAJOR needs to change if morale is going to rebound.

I love this town. I love my job. I really love kids. I believe JCPS is an organization that can be great again. My little boy is almost 2 and I have always planned for him to attend a JCPS school. Now, along with many others that I know, I am not so sure if I will enroll him in JCPS. I question if decisions are made in the best interest of students at the administrative level.

What is it going to take for Dr. Hargens and the board to be honest with the public and advocate for their employees? I am very discouraged.

I sincerely hope you will be a genuine advocate for teachers and students as you make upcoming decisions. That’s what we elected you to do.

Tax Payer
Future JCPS Parent

The identity of the author is withheld from this post, but they are not anonymous to us. 

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