Behavior/Discipline, Vision: 2020

Focus on What’s Important

Dear JCPS,

I am currently a student at a JCPS High School and all the talk about the code of conduct changes really frightens me. School already doesn’t feel safe as it is. Just this week we’ve had two incidents at my school that have had news coverage. That’s not counting the everyday struggle I watch both students and teachers suffer through. Many students are having their education jeopardized because of their classmates. I feel as offenses like fighting and sexual harassment should definitely  be taken seriously but also other things like disrespect and disobeying staff/teacher directions for the sake of just not listening. It’s not fair that I’m struggling to pass math because the other students can not behave. Things like dress code, cellphones, and being late to class (all things my school pays more attention to than things that put students in danger) are not the important issues here. The important issues are that I don’t feel safe in class along with many of my peers as well. We need to stop focusing so much on the small, non threatening things like dress codes and cell phones and worry about safety and students not being able to learn because of other students.


JCPS Sophomore

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