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Parents #LongfortheTruth, Don’t You?

Brennan Long

Dear JCPS Community,

On November 11, 2014, Brennan Long, an autistic teenager who was a student at the Binet School, suffered near-fatal injuries while being restrained while seated in a chair, by Sherman Williams, an instructional assistant. Brennan suffered comminuted and twisting spiral fractures to both of his femurs. Brennan spent 8 days in PICU and another 25 days in the hospital. He nearly died. Witness accounts of those who were reported to have been in the room at the time of the restraint describe the restraint as a textbook cradle restraint.

The Longs were never told that Binet School used restraints and had no idea what SCM or Safe Crisis Management was at the time of Brennan’s injuries. To this day, none of the reported witnesses have provided any truthful explanation as to how Brennan’s broken femurs occurred. The teachers and teaching assistants are all still employed by JCPS and most still work at the Binet School.

perfectBrennan’s parents continue to be asked why no one has been held accountable for Brennan’s injuries. Their answer is both simple and tragic; no one pursued the truth. They believe, as most do, that Truth enables Accountability. Brian & Kim Long are committed to pursuing the truth about what happened to Brennan and they will do everything they can to ensure this type of injury never happens to another child – ever. Over the last two months, some courageous teachers, administrators, former employees and parents have come forward to share information and details regarding Brennan’s injuries and the Binet School in general. We are asking that our Dear JCPS community to do the same – please come forward, and help the Longs find the truth about what happened to their son as well as help our JCPS school system become safer and better for our children, especially those with special needs. You can make a difference!

All responses will be held in strictest confidence.


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