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Response to #LongForTheTruth Post

This is a response we received (sharing with permission) to the #LongForTheTruth post.
“Ok, this has got to stop. No one has done any research on this, everyone is posting the same stuff over and over. Children come to Binet for a reason. Yes most of our students are autistic. ALL of them have extreme behavioral disabilities. They can’t just come to Binet. They have to be placed there because no other school can handle them. Brennan was violent. He was violent that day. His family is money hungry and out for blood. They SETTLED. Then after they got their money they started talking about their poor baby. Well we had Brennen for 43 days. DAYS..

Other students have been there for years with no problems. The Long family has sued the school district in West Virginia where they’re from, they tried to sue the government for giving Brennan the flu shot, which they think “caused” his autism. The medication Brennan takes has been proven to cause bone density issues. My principal was told she could make this all go away if she would just fire [the teacher’s assistant]. She has refused because he’s innocent. We have been interviewed by every child protection agency in the state and found innocent. The board won’t say anything about any of that and we aren’t supposed to respond. Then to top it off the news, Courier-Journal and now dear jcps are doing one sided pieces. Where’s the good that Binet does? We’ve been dealing with this for over 2 years, we just lost a coworker last week. We just want to do what we do, which is love and support the kids no one else wants, but that also means we have to keep them from hurting themselves and others. We use SCM, NOT JUDO or aikido or anything crazy. I hope you remove the post. We are so tired of fighting the good fight and the ONLY people that understand are the people who work in our environment.
If you have any additional information about what happened to Brennan that day, please contact us at All responses will be held in the strictest of confidence.

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