Budget, Teacher Shortage, Vision: 2020

Broken Promises

Dear JCPS,

First, you took away the bonus you promised me for being a National Board Certified Teacher. I had to fight to get that money back.

Next, you took away my step increase, which was agreed upon in our binding contract. I had to fight to get that money back.

Now, you are refusing to pay me my extra service pay on the dates promised (half in December and half in May). I guess I’ll have to fight to get that money in December, since I counted on it for Christmas shopping. To my knowledge, no reason has been given for this change. December is 3 months away. You really aren’t going to have my money by then?

I’m starting to notice a trend. I keep doing my part by teaching students but you don’t feel it’s necessary to do your part by paying me what you promised, when you promised (the fact that you also aren’t supporting me in other ways is a topic for a different letter).

Do you feel this is a healthy working relationship? Are there other respected businesses and organizations that treat their employees like this but have amazing success? I hear the words you say about how important teachers are and how much we are valued but your actions are saying a very different thing. In a few years, when you have a serious teacher shortage, please don’t act surprised.

Anonymous Teacher

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