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Educational Justice With “E’s”

This is a DRAFT of our legislative priorities for 2020. We want your input! Please help us rank them and provide examples of each of the categories listed below. Suggested edits and additions also welcome. ACHIEVING EDUCATIONAL JUSTICE in JCPS “with E’S” FROM OUR JCPS BOARD MEMBERS & SUPERINTENDENT, we demand: EVIDENCE-BASED education practices Realistic… Continue reading Educational Justice With “E’s”


System Loopholes Add to Problems Like Those Seen At Iroquois

A teacher sent us this additional background on the cell phone issue. Dear JCPS,   Our cell phone policy is contradictory and ineffective. The directive at the beginning of the school year was that cell phones were completely banned between 7:30 and 2:20. They were not allowed in hallways during passing, not allowed at lunch,… Continue reading System Loopholes Add to Problems Like Those Seen At Iroquois

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Big Win for the Little Guys!

Louisville Judge sides with Dear JCPS co-founder. Orders JCPS to release PTAs' financial records to the public. "In these challenging times, as educators and decision makers explore the glaring inequities in our district and seek ways to resolve them, Dear JCPS wants to make sure every student has an advocate in their corner -- especially… Continue reading Big Win for the Little Guys!