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JCPS School Board Meeting Today

The new meeting will be held at 2:15 p.m. Thursday at the Vanhoose Education Center.
On the agenda is the recommendation to approve the “test-to-stay” protocol, despite this program not being recommended or endorsed by the CDC.
What they’re saying: “At this time, we do not recommend or endorse a test-to-stay program,” the CDC told the Times. “However, we are working with multiple jurisdictions who have chosen to use these approaches to gather more information.”
Local media coverage following the chaos at Tuesday night’s meeting can be found here.
There were over 30 individuals signed up to speak at Tuesday night’s meeting, but only about six were able to be heard before the chaos erupted.
Speakers will not be permitted at today’s meeting. Anyone wishing to share their thoughts or concerns with board members prior to this afternoon’s meeting are encouraged to use this link to send them all an email with one click.