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A Possible Solution

This letter was submitted via our open letter form. It does not necessarily reflect the views of Dear JCPS.

Dear JCPS,

Listening to the top administrators at JCPS has made one thing perfectly clear to me…they are completely out of touch with what is actually going on in Jefferson County Public Schools.

Anyone who spends time in our schools would know that we need improved methods in dealing with student behavior. The answer to this problem is not less consequences. Anyone who spends time in the schools would know that the staff who work with students on a daily basis deserves a raise, not a salary freeze.

Then I saw the news about JCPS cutting central office jobs and it hit me…close down all of the offices at Van Hoose and Gheens. Any employees or administrators who are still needed could set up an office at a school. There was a time, before current technology, when administrators needed to physically be in the same building, but that time has passed. I’m sure most communication is now handled through email, Google docs or Skype. All of that can be done from offices at the schools. This would allow administrators to make decisions that are best for the students, teachers and schools by allowing them to see first-hand what is actually going on in the schools.

I have a small room connected to my classroom. I would be more than happy for Tom Hudson, Chief Business Officer, to set up his office there. This way he can show me what he does all day to justify his $176,000 salary and I can show him why I deserve to not have my salary frozen. He would also get to experience challenging student behavior first-hand, and be more informed when making decisions about the code of conduct for JCPS students.

I hope JCPS listens to my suggestions. Not only will it help decision-makers be more in touch with what is happening at our schools, it could also save JCPS and taxpayers a lot of money.

A teacher that unfortunately must remain anonymous

NOTE: While the author’s identity is protected here, they are not anonymous to Dear JCPS. Any board member wishing to address the concerns shared here can contact our administrators to make a connection.

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