Timeline of Events – Stoner Twins

Here’s a timeline of events that we pieced together:
(all events are alleged until proven in a court of law)

2005 – Donnie’s sexual “relationship” with a minor 15-year old girl, who played on the football team he coached at Evangel Christian, is alleged to have begun. Donnie’s twin brother, Ronnie, is also reported to have been involved with the minor.

2007 – the brothers reportedly leave EC when rumors started circulating about the abuses, although the resume submitted to JCPS in 2014 by Ronnie shows that employment to still have been active at the time.

2005-2011 – According to Ronnie’s resume, he works for the Department of Corrections

2012 – Ronnie (LaRon) is kicked out of his police academy training class Also, see: WDRB‘s coverage.

2009-2015 – Donnie coaches at Fern Creek High School, according to article

Aug, 2013 – Ronnie begins driving a bus for JCPS.

Jan, 14, 2014 – Ronnie emails Fern Creek about open position as Student Success Coach. Both brothers appear to be working there at the same time.

Feb 21, 2014 – Alleged incident took place involving inappropriate comments and touching of a Fern Creek high school student by Ronnie.

Feb. 24, 2014 – Incident reported for investigation.

March 20, 2014 – Investigation report comes back unsubstantiated.

2014 – Meanwhile Ronnie reportedly begins abusing his own 13-year old daughter at home. This continues until she runs away at the age of 17.

Aug. 4, 2016 – Ronnie transfers to Newburg Middle School.

2016-2017 School year – Another 13 year old victim is allegedly chosen by Ronnie. This time at Newburg. Perhaps while abuse of daughter, who is also a student at Newburg, is still going on.

Feb. 12, 2021 – Ronnie Stoner’s 17-year-old daughter files report with LMPD about incest and sexual abuse that has been taking place for three years, since she was 14.

Ronnie Stoners Daughter Report to LMPD

May 17, 2022 – Former Newburg student reports the abuses that happened to her in 2016-2017.

July 18, 2022 – Reassignment/Letter of no contact with Newburg is sent to Ronnie.

July 31, 2022 – In a surprise announcement, Newburg Principal Nicole Adell steps down suddenly.

Nov. 11, 2022 – Investigation into Ronnie’s second allegation comes back inconclusive, in large part to lack of response from her conveniently non-responsive attorney, David Mour. Same day, Ronnie is reassigned to Manual as Safety Administrator.

May 30, 2023 – Alleged incidents between 39-year old head football coach and 17-year-old Manual student begin and continue until they are discovered, stopped and reported on approx. July 11.

July 11, 2023 – Incidents are discovered by a family friend. Reported to parent and proper authorities. Parent notifies principal that charges are being filed against Donnie based on allegations made by minor student at Manual High School. Two days later,

July 13, 2023 – Donnie receives notice that he’s been “temporarily removed.”

July 14, 2023 – Email goes out to Manual football parents, media frenzy ensues

July 14, 2023 – Reporter who is not part of the media circus publishes a nice, sweet summary of the changes and highlights of Donnie’s career. Weird.

July 31, 2023 – No contact order issued for Donnie.

August 7, 2023 – Arraignment hearing