David Mour

Louisville Attorney

I think I started a page on this so-called social justice ally lawyer somewhere already, but I need to get some things laid down here too.

In addition to his sketchy ties to police, David is known for his lame and performative efforts to represent Dee Garret and other protesters, but as far as I know, all he’s gotten for most of them was to have their bogus charges dropped.

Here’s the nearly 10-minute racist rant I endured from him. I think it’s important to know the kind of person we are dealing with if we are allowing him to negotiate on our behalf. I reference it from time to time so I needed to leave it someplace so it’s easy to find.

There’s also this strange occurrence of him being non-responsive during a hearing that was on the same morning’s docket that Dr. Kimberly Mucker Johnson was scheduled to present her motion to challenge the settlement she accepted with Jefferson County Public Schools. Watch the last 80 seconds of the parody video I made about her hearing here:

We also recently discovered that he was the attorney who inserted himself between JCPS and a young, female victim of sexual assault, ultimately causing her case to go nowhere.

Our investigation into the Stoner twins shows a brave young lady came forward at the age of 20 in 2022 to report her abuses that happened in 2016 and 2017 when she was just 13. The notes in the district investigator’s file indicate eight attempts to get the victim’s statement went unanswered by Mour. How, I beg you, does that happen? Unless … (*ahem*conspiracy*ahem*).

Ronnie’s own daughter has twice been brave enough to come public with her own story of sexual abuse that began when she was 13, but it has been largely ignored. This abuse likely occurred simultaneously to the other one, even though they did not seem to know about each other at the time. Our conversations with people who know the family members say Ronnie was recently given three minutes to pack up his office and he wound up (as assistant head coach by some accounts) with his brother at Manual. The assistant head coach’s son, Tyree, also played for the team. Hey, as long as we’re winning, am I right?