You can’t make this shit up.

I originally wrote this on December 11, 2020, but I never made it public. I think now is a good time. 

I’m up to my eyeballs in evidence. Yet, I can’t seem to get anyone to stop what they are doing long enough to look at it. 

It is complicated. I get that. But seriously, I see it, so I can’t help but think if you stare at it long enough, you will too. There’s so much noise and disinformation, you just need someone you trust to tell you where to look and what to watch for.

But first, you have to learn to recognize bias. No one wants to admit they have it, so whenever they offer classes on this subject, the ones who need it are never the ones who sign up. Kinda like “sexual harassment training.” Sounds familiar. So let’s pretend its some other kind of exercise. These guys call it “selective attention.” OK. Let’s pretend this is a test designed to measure your selective attention skills.

Have you ever seen the video of the experiment that asks you to keep an eye on how many times the people in the white shirts pass the basketball? If you haven’t seen it, stop what you are doing and watch it right now.

If you have seen it, (I don’t want to spoil it for those who didn’t follow my advice above), then you know what it’s like to discover things are not always as they appear. And of course, once you see it, you SEE IT. You can’t unsee it. No one can tell you what you now see is not there. Well, that’s what it’s like when you see bias.

Even if you have seen the video, please watch it again because I’m going somewhere with this.

In our story that follows, I will walk you through a real-life example of how a botched traffic stop, where a man whose only crime appeared to be driving with his headlights off in the “wrong part of town,” led to deception, delays and cover ups, allowing LMPD and their accomplices to successfully pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. My hope is that this post will help correct that injustice, and many others.


On November 22, the night young Movement leader Travis Nagdy was murdered, another innocent life was taken. This time at the hands of LMPD (Read more.)


To date, no one has been held accountable for the murder of Breonna Taylor. (Read more)

This page is dedicated those who have tried to go public with their findings related to the case of dismantling corruption and white supremacy in Louisville, only to be targeted, attacked, harassed, threatened, discredited, demoted, terminated, blackballed, (you get the idea). More will be added.

In some ways, not much has changed in Louisville since the harassment and prosecution of the Wades and the Bradens nearly 70 years ago.

Yet these individuals continue to risk their financial and physical well-being to speak truth to power and dismantle white supremacy. Maybe the masses can’t hear their pleas for justice yet, but in time, each of their stories will be told in a way that others can hear.

In memoriam:
Breonna Taylor
David McAtee
Travis Nagdy
Brian Thurman
Tyler Gerth

And many, many others whose stories have not yet been made public. 


Pattern or Practice: Falsified Reports – The story of Kindergarten Karen