Superintendent’s Evaluation

Per the Kentucky Board of Education’s 704 KAR 3:370. Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, Section 4. Local Professional Growth and Effectiveness Policies:

The local board of education shall establish a written policy for implementing the system for all certified school personnel in the district, consistent with the requirements of KRS 156.557 and this administrative regulation. The local board of education shall develop, adopt, and submit to the department for approval a policy for evaluation of the district superintendent, consistent with the requirements of KRS 156.557(6) and this administrative regulation.

According to KRS 156.557(6)

(a) Each superintendent shall be evaluated according to a policy and procedures developed by the local board of education and approved by the department.
(b) The summative evaluation of the superintendent shall be in writing, discussed and adopted in an open meeting of the board and reflected in the minutes, and made available to the public upon request.
(c) Any preliminary discussions relating to the evaluation of the superintendent by the board or between the board and the superintendent prior to the summative evaluation shall be conducted in closed session.

To share your feedback with the JCPS Board of Education prior to the submission of their evaluation on Dr. Donna Hargens, Superintendent, please click here.